Vicki Conley

Pinon Pottery Gallery, 26465 HWY 70, Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346 - 575-937-0873 or 575-937-1822


Shipping and packing expense are constantly changing (never, it seems, in a downward direction) thus if you or someone you know can pick up your items at our shop, it will save you significant costs.  These costs can only be approximated and typically, they are $12.00 per item plus $5.00 packing fee..  For example, two small items of pottery will cost $29.00 to ship, however depending on size of items, destination, and other vagries, we will send a refund if actual shipping and packing are less or call you if it will be greater.  For large orders, over $200.00, please call for shipping costs, as, depending on exactly what is ordered, shipping could be slightly more or less.

Pinon Pottery tries to have as small of environmental impact as possible by using recycled shipping supplies.